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General Hospital Season 52 Episode 70 : #13096
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Title:General Hospital
Genre: Drama, Soap
Air Date: 2014-07-09
Season Number: 52
Episodes Number: 70
Overview: Maxie and Nathan wake up on the couch together, still handcuffed. When Levi shows up he accuses them of playing sex games. Maxie tells him about her arrest and the lost key. Nathan agrees not to say anything after Levi informs Maxie that his visa has expired and Diane is trying to get him a new one sorted out. Anna and Jordan meet in the park where Jordan tell her about Mickey stopping Julian from telling her who his boss was. Anna decides to try and find out more about Mickey. After Anna leaves, Mickey shows up and wants Jordan to explain to him why she was talking with the police commissioner. Jordan manages to cover and Mickey wants her to join him for dinner. Nina talks to Silas on the phone and he informs her that Rafe is still in surgery. After Nina finishes the call, she is in a bad mood because she had to stay in her chair all night with Kiki while Silas was was with Sam. Nina hopes that Rafe doesn't recover, Julian finds Alexis upset at the hospital. Julian attempts to offer her some comfort as she tells him Rafe was on drugs. Sam brings Silas some coffee and he is concerned about Patrick operating on Rafe. Silas isn't happy that when he finds out that Sam knew Rafe was taking drugs and didn't tell him. Nina shows up as they are arguing. Rafe starts to bleed during the operation as Patrick fights with his conscious. Silas asks Patrick about Rafe after he comes out of surgery.